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This website has been created uniquely to provide you with all the information needed to become a supplier for Svitzer, understand procurement process at Svitzer, and help you resolve any potential issues you might come across while in cooperation with us.

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A. P. Moller – Maersk Supplier Code of Conduct

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Invoice related FAQ

What do I have to do to ensure the quickest possible payment for my service and/or goods before I start a new order?

Will I be paid any quicker if I quote a PO number?

What is the number sequence of a Svitzer Purchase Order?

Where can I email my invoice for payment?

I have received a verbal confirmation from a Svitzer representative for the delivery of goods and/or services but I have not received a PO number

My invoice has been returned, citing that the invoice has been sent to the wrong entity

My invoice has been returned, citing that my company is not created as a vendor trading with Svitzer

My invoice has been returned, citing that the invoice details are inconsistent with banking details in the Svitzer supplier database

My invoice has been returned, requesting a valid PO number to be quoted

My invoice has been returned, citing that it does not match the details of the PO number provided

Are there any other guidelines I should follow to process my invoices quicker?

Previously, invoices without PO numbers have been paid by Svitzer.  Will this continue?