EcoTow is Svitzer’s immediate carbon insetting solution which helps to decarbonise your harbour towage through the replacement of marine gas oil (MGO) with various types of very low-carbon biofuels.

For you as a customer, EcoTow is easily added to your contract as a very low-carbon alternative to fossil fuel-based towage services. EcoTow provides you with audited and verified emission reductions and marginal abatement costs per ton of CO2 saved. These are easily embedded into your ESG reporting.

How does Svitzer EcoTow work?

EcoTow is available to Svitzer customers in all ports and offers immediate scope 3 CO2 emission reductions while providing an alternative to fossil fuels. The neutralisation effect is established by an external auditor and documented through certification and assurance reporting.

Depending on which ports you operate in as a customer of Svitzer, EcoTow is made available to you as two different solutions:

Regional CO2 reduction – segregated approach

In ports where Svitzer’s vessels operate on very low-carbon fuels, we offer EcoTow as a direct decarbonised towage service with associated certificates.

Global CO2 reduction – mass balance approach

In ports where Svitzer’s vessels do not operate on very low-carbon fuels, we offer EcoTow as an indirect insetting solution enabling customers to decarbonise their complete towage portfolio.

This is done by calculating the emissions impact of customers’ fossil fuel-based towage services while matching this with the volume of very low-carbon fuels delivered to one of Svitzer’s vessels operating on very low-carbon fuels.

Why choose Svitzer EcoTow?

Check out the infographic below which provides a series of examples of benefits offered to you by choosing EcoTow as a carbon insetting add-on to your present towage services.

Certified CO2 emission reductions

All Svitzer EcoTow emission reductions are documented through certification and assurance reporting in line with RSB (Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterial) standards.

By choosing EcoTow, you can easily add trustworthy evidence to your sustainability efforts through our Svitzer EcoTow CO2 savings certificate. Each certificate includes the number of metric tonnes of CO2 you save per year, facts on the amount of very low-carbon fuels used, tug assists with associated emissions and detailed information on well-to-wake and tank-to-wake emissions.

Consistent reporting based on industry-leading standards

Svitzer EcoTow follows the approach of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and the Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC) as organisations which drive the consistent calculation and reporting of logistics GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Their proven frameworks and methodologies provide you with certainty that your CO2 emission reductions through EcoTow are real. 

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)

External auditors

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