For SVITZER employees, training never ends – but for our Angolan mariners, the initial training has been over for a while. Now, they’re hard at work adding valuable experience to their education through practical day to day work. Each of them may pursue different professional paths within SVITZER, but they share the same dream: To build careers, enabling them to support their families and send their children to school. 

Under the contract with Angola LNG, SVITZER is obliged to help develop the Angolan employees’ education further. Some are building up experience in the engine room with an aim to become certified Oilers STCW III/4 or engineers, and others are building up sea time aiming to advance to take the entrance examinations for officers’ school. All of them receive additional training to further sharpen their skills as professional sailors. 

Since 1 September 2011 we have been operating our four utility vessels in Soyo, Angola, with each of them conducting daily observation runs around the site and the Pululu Channel – the entrance channel from the Congo River to the Port of Soyo. Two Angolan mariners serve aboard each vessel, performing daily maintenance and undertakings on board. During observation runs they take turns steering the vessels, following the captain’s instructions. When not out to sea, they follow daily HSE lessons from the local HSE Manager. 

In East London, South Africa, our four tugs have gone through a dry docking to have their coating and anti-fouling freshened up. Here, the mariners have been
hard at work as well, refreshing the superstructure to make the vessels look good – and to prepare them for the somewhat harsher environment they will operate in once they get to Soyo. 

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