Providing careers and opportunities for people in the local communities we operate in is not just a worthy cause – it also gives us important leverage in our value selling efforts.

In the latest issue of LighthouseMagazine we reported from the Sultanate of Oman, where SVITZER has taken a leading role in training and developing young Omanis for a career at sea. This training programme has attracted a lot of positive attention from authorities and companies alike. Not least from our customer, Oman LNG. They are currently working on a new tender for the project to replace the current contract, which expires in 2015. And one of their primary concerns will be for the fleet to be manned exclusively by Omanis when the new contract takes effect. That gives SVITZER an edge on the competition, thanks to our continued efforts in providing valuable local content. 

Part of SVITZER’s value proposition for this tender is a long track record of reliable service, also when Oman LNG has needed contingency solutions. The superior craftsmanship of our crews and the quality of our equipment form the base of our offering. But it is the development as well as the structure and sustainability of SVITZER’s training programme in Oman that will be the key factor as a value selling tool. Discussions with Oman LNG management on their visions of the ideal setup and how SVITZER can provide that are ongoing. As a sign of their commitment to the training programme, Oman LNG has agreed to share the costs of training the Omani sailors with SVITZER. Obviously, cooperating this closely on a project with such significance for the future is a welcome confidence boost for SVITZER Oman as they gear up to bid for the new contract.

And the story doesn’t stop here: the Government of Oman has now asked SVITZER to assist in establishing the framework for an emergency response solution. The solution will encompass salvage and towage for emergencies at sea and quick response to eventual oil spill incidents. The conclusions to be drawn from SVITZER Oman’s excellent work are clear: providing real and tangible value to the local communities we operate in plays a major part in delivering value to our customers – and in turn to SVITZER.


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