Port operations


Svitzer provides harbour towage services worldwide, from Canada to Australia. Thanks to our experience, equipment and training we are able to handle every possible vessel size, from the smallest of bulk vessels to the largest VLCCs (very large crude carriers). We forge close working relationships with local pilots and port authorities to continuously develop operational practices that improve the safety and reliability of the port. Our careful preparation and strong safety focus means our customers can rely on timely marine services and quick vessel turn-around times, without worrying about demurrage or potential delays in the supply chain.

Local knowledge

Our masters are experts on local conditions and are trained for the specific environment they will be working in. This enables them to deal with any situations that might arise from unique conditions in the port, limiting the risk of disruption of services. In many locations, we operate through joint ventures to ensure local knowledge of the area.

Coastal towage

Through our presence in ports around the world, Svitzer is well positioned to provide customer-specific services that fall outside of the scope of normal harbour towage services. Every year Svitzer handles coastal towage and sea towage of specific objects (rigs, barges, objects, etc.) to meet customer demands. Request for special services can be asked through the local operations offices.

Special services

In various parts of the world, for example Sweden, Thailand, Australia and Denmark, Svitzer provides offshore STS (ship-to-ship) services. These are highly specialised services and require knowledge, teamwork and the right equipment to ensure the operation is carried out in a timely and safe manner. This lets our customers optimise their fuel supplies or prices in the market at a given time.

Where we operate

We have more than 430 vessels in over 100 locations around the world. Find examples of vessels in specific operations.

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