Oil and gas terminals


Svitzer tugs provide towage services at oil terminals worldwide. In addition to traditional towage services, Svitzer also provides pilotage, oil pollution response services, fire fighting and training at oil terminals. Wherever we go, our experience, craftsmanship, safety focus and rigorous training means our customers can rely on us to provide undisrupted marine services at all times.

Long-term cooperation

Oil terminal contracts are typically long-term contracts in commercial ports. This enables us to amass a high level of know-how on specific conditions and to forge close working relationships with customers and local port authorities. Both are vital ingredients in providing safe and reliable marine services without fault.

Offshore marine services

Svitzer also provides the oil and gas industry with a number of offshore marine services such as assistance with FSO (floating storage and offloading) and FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading). Additionally, we have a specially designed Multi Support Vessel for assisting tankers carrying out SPM (single point mooring) operations and we assist with numerous port STS (ship to ship) operations. We provide a combination of inter/infield logistics such as ferrying maintenance crew, pilots and surveyors around infield or to and from tankers. Whatever the function, our drive and commitment to safety and operational excellence mean our customers can trust us to always keep production flowing.

Where we operate

We have more than 430 vessels in over 100 locations around the world. Find examples of vessels in specific operations.

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