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Svitzer is the world’s largest LNG towage provider. That means our customers can rest assured we have seen a lot of challenging operations. With more than 30,000 LNG tanker assistances since 1993, every conceivable combination of difficult wind conditions, swells, strong tides and more has been overcome.  All our local crews receive simulator training tailored to the exact conditions of any new operation and go through hands-on training at similar operations before they go on active duty. Training for every conceivable situation is part of our commitment to keeping our crews, assets and the environment safe.


Svitzer provides towage services both in terminals and ship-to-ship operations on a number of major LNG projects in very different corners of the world – Oman LNG, Sakhalin LNG and Peru LNG to name but a few. We employ our vast LNG towage experience to deliver tugs tailored to the specific requirements. The tugs can be fitted with flexible optional equipment enabling them to perform additional tasks. A great example of this is the Gorgon LNG project in Australia. This operation requires four specially designed tugs to meet the extremely strict environmental restrictions particular to that area. Based on Svitzer’s groundbreaking ECOtug®, they were delivered and commenced service in 2015.


Svitzer is involved in numerous LNG projects around the world, and are proud to have long-term contracts with some of the biggest companies in the LNG industry like BP, SHELL, Chevron and Qatar Petroleum. Additionally, Svitzer is an invited attendee and active participant at OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum)

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