Mika Bildsøe Lassen, the new Head of Corporate Communication, aims to develop a strategic communication function that supports Svitzer’s business challenges.

“The idea that communication can make a business difference is something I’m passionate about,” says Mika. “It’s the key to paving the way for implementing a wide range of business decisions; the whole idea of stakeholder management centres around effective communication. We often spend months analysing and developing a new idea or strategy, but little time communicating it, which can leave the people who actually need to make the changes in the dark.” From this point of view, communication should help other management functions achieve their objectives.

She points out that Svitzer has good branding in place, with a distinctive look and feel. “What I’m trying to do,” she says, “is build something complementary to that, a strategic communication function that supports our business challenges. This begins with establishing a strong communications structure – building channels for sharing agendas and initiatives across internal units. Just one practical example is an intranet that people actually use.” Within this system, the communication function is not to do communication for managers, but to enable them to communicate themselves – to help and coach them to communicate as effectively as possible. “My job at the moment is to create the basic building blocks for this,” she says.

“External communication is also important, but I believe that reputation management is all about internal communication. We need to equip all colleagues with the ability to share the Svitzer story. Ideally, we should have 4,000 ambassadors representing the agendas and messages we want to share with our external stakeholders. This is about using effective internal communication as springboard to external communication, first through managers, then through all our employees.”

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Mika Bildsøe Lassen has more than 20 years of communication experience, the last 15 in various management positions.
Some highlights of her professional background include:

• VP Corporate Communications, CSR & Branding, Egmont
• Communication Director Northern & Southern EMEA, CA
• Communication Manager, 3 (Hi3G Denmark)
• Senior Management Consultant, Valør & Tinge A/S
• Board member, Radius Kommunikation and Centre for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury

A 2013 graduate of the Executive Education IoD – Board Program,
Mika also holds degrees from Roskilde University: MsC in
Communications & Public Relations, Bachelor in Communications and Bachelor in Business Economy.

Mika lives in Copenhagen with her husband, Pascal, and their two daughters, aged 14 and 17.