On 29 April we’ll observe our second annual Safety Day, a
day devoted to remembering that the most important goal at
Svitzer is to make every day a safe day. This year’s theme is
“shipshape”, a call-to-action for all of us to protect ourselves
and each other by taking an active part in putting safety first.

Last year’s Safety Day established “Every day a safe day” as our on-going call for safety. This year, Safety Day aims to bring that call into even sharper focus by emphasising the potential dangers of becoming sloppy or complacent about everyday “housekeeping” activities. Every loose rope on deck or carelessly placed electrical cord in an office is an accident waiting to happen. Maintaining a shipshape attitude is something that has to engage everybody in our organisation, from the head office to every Svitzer location worldwide. Safety day will be devoted to kicking off this idea, with the goal of changing the way all of us think and act. You may already have noticed shipshape animations appearing on workplace screens – these are just the beginning; there is more to come on 29 April and the months that follow.

Whether we’re talking about keeping floors and aisles clear in an office, maintaining decks free from spills and rubbish or wearing proper gear at all times, the central point is the same: always keep safety top of mind. This is the meaning of shipshape, which is an important building block in our overall safety campaign. Doing things the right way and keeping your workspace in order is the best way to avoid potential incidents and personal injury. Shipshape is not a message for only parts of our organisation; it’s for everyone. The only way we can build a zero-incidents safety record is to be shipshape together – working side by side to make every day a safe day. Remember, your actions matter.


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