Recent expansion has strengthened Svitzer’s ability to serve customers throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the US. Within the last year alone, Svitzer has added the European ports of Rotterdam (Europe’s largest port), Bremerhaven, Sines, Lubeck and Portimao. Additionally, in an effort to better serve customers in the long-served port of Amsterdam, Svitzer began a partnership with Iskes Towage and Salvage to provide towage services in The Netherlands.

This growth in Europe has been shaped by the specific needs and requests of Svitzer’s customers. Lubeck, where tugs were formerly called in from outside, is a cooperation with local stakeholders in an arrangement that greatly benefits the shipping community calling the port, through increased safety standards and efficiency. Svitzer also expanded its operations into Sines at the request of the customer base, which felt Svitzer needed reduced turnaround times and increased safety at the port.

Across the Atlantic, a new contract with Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) further strengthens Svitzer’s position as the leading provider in the Atlantic/Caribbean area. The arrangement, which includes training for local maritime students in an effort to further develop the local maritime industry, highlights Svitzer’s emphasis on finding mutually beneficial ways to meet local community needs.

In the US, Svitzer has expanded its OPA-90 coverage with agreements for firefighting services with local municipalities in Long Beach, California; New York, New York; and Valdez, Alaska. This is a supplement to the already strong coverage gained through the exclusive partnership for OPA-90 firefighting that Svitzer has with Industrial Emergency Services (

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