General Cargo Ship Wreck Removal – Southern France

A 3446gt general cargo vessel lost engine power off the port of Bayonne, France in early February, during a severe westerly storm, and was driven onto the rocky south breakwater that protects the port entrance. Pounded by the storm, the vessel broke up into several pieces. On March 2nd, Svitzer Salvage, along with partner Koole B.V., were contracted for the removal of all identifiable pieces of the wreck. Svitzer mobilised the Salamander, a multi-purpose dredging machine capable of operating in the surf zone at up to five metres depth. The machine was specially modified to take divers to the wreck areas, where they connected chains to sunken sections of the vessel so they could be hauled up the beach for final demolition. The team worked hard to meet the wishes of the city of Anglet to have the beach restored and make the area safe again for public access before the summer season began.

RORO Cargo Vessel Fire – West Africa

On April 10th 2014, a 42001gt roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessel experienced a fire off Lomé, the capital city of Togo. Svitzer Salvage was contacted by the ship’s owner to tow the vessel to Malaga, Spain, for repairs. The 180t bollard pull Maersk Tender was chartered from Maersk Supply Service, which was readily available in Takoradi, Ghana. On Saturday May 17th, the RORO vessel was safely delivered to the container terminal in Malaga for the discharge of her remaining cargo, prior to commencing repairs at a nearby shipyard.

Bulk Carrier Grounding – Dominican Republic

A 91751gt bulk carrier, laden with bauxite, was en route from the Dominican Republic to Shandong when she ran aground at Cabo Rojo in early April. Svitzer Salvage offloaded some 6,000 tons of cargo in order to safely refloat the vessel and minimise the risk of damage to both the coral reef and the vessel. Assisted by tugs Svitzer Honesty and Tamayo, the vessel was refloated on April 14th and towed into deeper waters. Once safely anchored, the discharged cargo was loaded back on the vessel, and, after an inspection showed no damage, she continued her voyage.

Bulk Carrier Grounding – USA

On April 15th a 43500gt bulk carrier ran aground on Cape Henry Beach, Virginia, during severe weather with winds of 60-70 mph. As the OPA-90 provider for the vessel, Svitzer Salvage responded upon activation of the Vessel Response Plan (VRP). Svitzer Salvage Master Capt. Alberto Weber and his team mobilised to the vessel in a very short time. While awaiting salvage plan authorisation from the US Coast Guard, the team prepared to refloat the vessel at the next high tide. The operation commenced on the morning of April 18th assisted by the local tug operators, and the vessel was soon refloated and safely delivered to her owners at Lynnhaven Anchorage.

Car Carrier Fire – Japan

Owners of the 71380gt car carrier contacted Svitzer Salvage to assist the vessel on April 19th, which was drifting 500nm west-southwest off Japan, then caught fire and had to be evacuated by her crew. Upon instruction of the owner, Svitzer mobilised a salvage team and two AHTS with firefighting capacity to assist the vessel. Once the fire was under control, a towing connection was established and the vessel was taken to Shanghai, where she arrived on May 7th, and was successfully redelivered to her owners on May 22nd.

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