LTI – Crewmember Slips on Engine room stairs and breaks collar bone

The IP was leaving the engine room after starting the engines and on the way up on the engine room stairs the IP slipped. The IP subsequently grabbed the rail with the right arm to break the fall and as a consequence jolted the arm and broke the collar bone.

Preliminary findings and possible causes:

  • The stairs leading from the Engine room were very slippery due to a layer of greasy residue on the surfaces of the steps
  • The steps were worn on the edges and bare metal was visible
  • The steps were coated in yellow gloss
  • There was no anti-slip coating applied to the paint

Immediate corrective/ preventive action:

  • All step surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned and wiped free of any greasy residue
  • Anti-slip paint to be applied to all steps on stairs in Engine room where possible
  • Where paint is worn off it must be repainted
  • If a supplier has to carry out painting on board Svitzer personnel and the supplier should meet to discuss the work scope before the paint job start to align requirements such as antiskid paint (HMS procedure 06-011 Contractors)
  • Vessel crews to ensure that regular Safety Area Inspections are performed in order to raise safety awareness. In this case, it is to look for stairs that are dirty, slippery and don’t have any antiskid paint applied (HMS procedures 09-006 Safety Area Inspections)