Crew member slips and fractures ankle

One of our tugs, operating at a location with sub-zero temperatures, was temporarily moored alongside a third party tug. Our tug had ice free deck and a properly rigged gangway in place.

A crewmember decided to go ashore to quickly discuss a matter with the terminal supervisor. In order to reach the quay, he had to cross the third party tug and on the deck of that vessel, he slipped on an icy patch. This caused his ankle to twist making him fall, which resulted in a fractured leg.

Preliminary findings and possible causes:

The deck of the third party vessel was not kept free of ice, which is standard practise at the terminal.

The crewmember confirmed that he was walking too hasty as he did not want to have our tug waiting on him as it had to shift back to its own berth.

Immediate corrective/ preventive action:

Crews are reminded to always move cautiously and without haste in all type of locations. This is especially important in sub-zero or wet conditions when decks/quays can be slippery.

HMS 06-029 `Sub-zero and Ice operation` including the Risk Assessment `Sub-zero and Ice operation` is reminding crews to keep an ice free deck i.e. Though this RA is applicable for our own vessels, crews can bear same precautions in mind when passing other locations in sub-zero conditions.

Crews are reminded to `Stop Work` and inform 3rd parties in case of unsafe conditions. Safe standards do not stop outside our own vessels.

A Safety Meeting must be held with Terminal Management to discuss the fact that also 3rd party vessels used as platform for personnel transfer must be kept free of ice.