MEA and Asia regions to ensure faster growth for Svitzer.

Svitzer’s current business portfolio relies heavily on mature markets, specifically Europe and Australia. One of our key strategic objectives is to increase growth in our two other regions, AMEA and Americas, both of which have substantial growth 
opportunities. The AMEA region today covers a huge geographical area, which limits our focus on strategic growth in both Africa and Asia. 

We have therefore decided, effective 1 October, to create two regions covering this area: MEA (Middle East and Africa, as well as the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka) and ASIA (from Bangladesh in the west to Japan in the east, and from Russia in the north to
Indonesia in the south). Both regions will have increased and dedicated management and business development resources tohelp reach our growth targets. The ASIA region will source back office support from the MEA region.

The MEA region is led by Torsten Holst Pedersen, who for three years has led our AMEA region from the regional HQ in Dubai. The ASIA region will be led by Alan Bradley from a regional HQ in Singapore. Alan comes from a role as CCO for Svitzer Australia, where he has been responsible for winning significant harbour and terminal towage contracts. Lise Demant, previously Cluster Manager Asia, will step into the role of ASIA COO. She will be responsible for all existing business and will maintain close involvement with business development. With this strong setup we are confident that the new Asia region will be able to contribute significantly to our growth plans.

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