Experience, learn and grow


Part of what makes Svitzer an attractive provider of marine services to our customers is the high standard of our employees’ skills, experience and expertise. We achieve this through a variety of initiatives both at sea and on shore by always making use of the best modern systems and technological breakthroughs.

Professional development

Working alongside and learning from experienced colleagues is often the shortest path to competence. In Svitzer you will meet passionate colleagues eager to share their experience and knowledge with you – and equally willing to learn from your experiences. And when learning by doing doesn’t cut it, formalised training programmes take over both at sea and on shore.

Specialist training

On-the-job training is not always an option: some complex operations are only performed rarely, and heavy weather conditions cannot be planned. To ensure you are well prepared and able to perform in even the most challenging situations, Svitzer uses simulator training extensively. Simulators with uniquely developed software help our crew prepare for operating new vessel types, operating in especially challenging conditions or practicing new procedures. Portable simulators allow us to train on location, often involving other important stakeholders such as pilots in the training.

Where we operate

We have more than 430 vessels in over 100 locations around the world. Find examples of vessels in specific operations.

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