In Oman our commitment to local content is proving a boost to employee engagement. The first generations of Omani seamen to earn their certificates in cooperation with SVITZER have graduated and entered the crewing rosters.


In January 2013, 15 Omani sailors graduated as either Chief Officers or Assistant Chief Engineers, and a further 12, who started out as deckhands, have earned their STCW AII/3 certificates and are now in training for the same ranks. “It is very encouraging to see how these efforts in training and developing the local Omani work force motivate the entire crew to better achieve their goals and improve their own career paths,” says Regional Manager for Asia, Middle East and Africa, Torsten Holst Pedersen. 


Speaking on behalf of the trainees, Chief Officer, Salim al Gheilani says: “We’re very grateful to SVITZER for offering us the opportunity of becoming part of its fleet and would like to thank our colleagues at sea and on land for their help in training us, which will help both ourselves and Oman towards a prosperous future.” SVITZER Oman’s efforts in supporting local content has unlocked a very positive cycle, explains Country Manager, Willem de Vries: “We’ve seen very encouraging results both internally and externally. The newly recruited graduates have bonded well with the existing crew, engaging in close cooperation and honing their practical skills and experience while on the other hand sharing what they’ve learned about navigational theory, for instance, with the existing crew. This in turn makes for positive feedback from the customer after their unannounced inspection visits to the tugs both regarding the level of expertise as well as the attitude onboard.” Willem de Vries concludes: “This all boils down to job security for our employees and prosperity for Oman in the future. And it all starts with 27 highly engaged Omani crew members.”

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