Chevron and SVITZER have signed a contract for supplying marine services at the Gorgon LNG export terminal currently being constructed on Barrow Island in West Australia. The contract starts up in mid-2014 and will run for 20 years with an option for one additional five year extension. The Gorgon Project is one of the world’s largest natural gas projects. It is operated by Chevron and is a joint venture of the Australian subsidiaries of Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Osaka Gas, Tokyo Gas and Chubu Electric Power.

SVITZER will supply four state of the art 80 TBP tugs with a diesel electric propulsion system with batteries allowing highly fuel efficient operations and the ability to move silently on battery power. In addition, the tugs are fitted with solar panels, water recycling plants and noise and light reduction measures to allow it to operate in the Class A nature reserve surrounding Barrow Island. The vessels have been designed by SVITZER for the Gorgon LNG project and are based on the S80/33 SVITZER LNG design, which is currently utilized in Milford Haven LNG terminal, Peru LNG and Angola LNG. In addition to the four tugs, SVITZER will also supply one locally built pilot boat. With the building of the ECOtugs®, which will be delivered in the coming months, and the Gorgon contract, SVITZER has established itself as a company on the forefront of environmentally friendly

The key to winning the contract was dedicated teamwork shown throughout the 2.5 year tender process involving more than 40 people primarily from the Australasia Region and SVITZER Global Head Office. The work involved designing these cutting edge technical solutions, negotiating with yards and suppliers, negotiating with unions, producing the
comprehensive tender material and negotiating with Chevron. Having secured the contract, we have signed the shipbuilding contract with ASL Shipyard in Singapore and appointed an implementation manager based in Perth to drive the implementation. 

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