A ship-to-ship power sharing system is saving SVITZER, the customer and the environment 4,500 litres of fuel – every month.

At the PTP Pacific terminal in Panama, the tugs SVITZER HAWK and SVITZER AMAZONAS are generating massive savings by using their generators smarter. When a tug is on standby, it still needs electricity for its low consumption equipment such as lights, air conditioning, galley equipment, fresh water pumps and engine room supply fans. Altogether, these  systems only draw less than 30 % of the tug’s harbour generator load, making it a very wasteful procedure both from an economical and environmental point of view. In Panama hooking up the tugs to shore power is complicated and would have cost our client a significant investment as the frequency of the shore power grid is incompatible with the tugs’ systems. Instead, Country Manager, Juan Romero and Chief Engineer, Luis Serrano came up with a simple solution: a power sharing system between the ships which lets both tugs use the same harbour generator while on standby. By optimising their power generation this way, the tugs are now saving SVITZER and the customer around 4,500 litres of fuel every month. Needless to say, the customer is very satisfied with SVITZER’s proactive initiative, which is saving them a good $50,000 a year.

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