Svitzer is working hard to assist the Omani maritime industry in Sur and Sohar, while also playing an active role in educating the next generation of Omani sailors.

The Sultanate of Oman is busy preparing for a future less dependent on income from the country’s oil reserves. Following a visionary plan initiated by His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the country invests heavily in educating its people and developing its industries, including its
ports, while still prospering from their LNG exports. SVITZER Oman is happy to provide marine services for the country’s endeavours both for the here and now and for the medium and long-term future. 

The city of Sohar, by many believed to be the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor, is a large coastal city approximately 200 kilometres North of the Omani capital of Muscat. Sohar has been identified as afuture industrial and educational hub, and thus plays a pivotal part in the country’s
plans to diversify away from oil. Among the many projects on the drawing board are gigantic manufacturing complexes for steel and aluminium. To realise the dream of becoming a dominant regional exporter of such goods, the industrial Port of Sohar has enjoyed massive investments and growth over the past years. In fact, the port’s cargo throughput has gone from just over 4 million tonnes in 2007 to over 41 million during the first nine months of 2012. With current investments exceeding $12 billion, it is one of the world’s largest port development projects. And the SVITZER tugs are right at the centre of things, helping the giant machinery tick like clockwork with five to six towing moves every day, involving two to three tugs per move. 

Sohar is also home to the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO), another example of how Oman is planning for the future by educating its people today. At the IMCO, students interested in a career at sea work and study to acquire their certificates. And once again, SVITZER enters the picture. Mr Willem de Vries, Country Manager for SVITZER in Oman, was in charge of setting up the maritime college prior to its opening in 2005, and later served in various leadership capacities there for five years. Today, SVITZER deckhands in Sur and Sohar with no maritime certificates are offered the possibility of educating themselves to a better future through the coorperation between SVITZER and the IMCO. 12 SVITZER deckhands have beenselected and have begun their six-month study to obtain their certificates of competence. With this certificate in hand they can go on to become assisting chief engineers or chief officers. Another training programme offers cadets with a college background the possibility of becoming masters or chief engineers after two year’s split between studies at the IMCO and work aboard SVITZER vessels. At the time of writing 16 SVITZER employees are pursuing this option. 

But Sohar is not the only port bustling with activity in Oman today. Further south in Sur, a major LNG operation is running day and night to help Oman fund their investments in the country’s future. And SVITZER plays a part here as well. The Oman LNG plant in Sur has a capacity of 34 million cubic meters a day, keeping the SVITZER tugs operating around the plant busy with 14-16 tanker jobs per month. In addition to helping tankers berth and unberth, the SVITZER crews provide pilotage, line handling and fire fighting, if needed. With Oman’s ever growing economy, SVITZER stands ready to further assist in developing the country’s maritime sector. 

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Client: Oman LNG
Services: Terminal towage, pilotage,
line handling and fire fighting
Contract: 2000 – 2015
Vessels: Three 60 TBP ASD tugs
One 65 TBP ASD tug
One pilot boat
Employees: 53

Client: Sohar Industrial Port Company
Services: Harbour towage and escorting
Contract: 2005 – 2020
Vessels: Two 65 TBP ASD tugs
Two 45 TBP ASD tugs
One pilot boat
Employees: 29