A 24/7 fleet of tugs is only the beginning. Svitzer’s round-the-clock customer service team in Fremantle, Australia, ensures that we are always there for customers – and for each other.

Our tugs and crews provide the strong infrastructure of Svitzer’s marine services. Keeping the lines of communication constantly open with customers, crew members, port authorities and onshore employees requires an equally strong customer service team. That’s why, in
order to streamline operations, the responsibility for 24-hour coverage of Western Australia was moved in 2013 from Eastern Australia back to the local office in Fremantle, Western Australia (WA). Now there has been a customer service team of five people in place for
almost a year, which makes a customer service officer available 24/7.

“The team members have managed to build very close relationships both internally and externally,” says Emma Sewell, local HR Partner. “That’s due to hard work and to being available whenever they’re needed.” Bruce Stein, a tug master in the Port of Kwinana, underscores the value to the port of having a local team available: “For any operation to run smoothly, it is very important to have a locally based support team who are fully aware of local operational issues and who are capable of dealing with those issues promptly and effectively. We really appreciate the positive support all members of the customer service team provide when called upon for assistance.” 

One of the five customer service officers, Tina Beissel, emphasises the importance of strong connections with the crews. “Building relationships with customers and assisting port personnel and agents is most important, but building relationships with our crews is also vital,” she says. “I believe it has led to a much more harmonious port operation between our crews and onshore employees.” An opinion that’s shared by Emma, who says, “The local crews trust and know the customer service officers. Since the crews work 24 hours, it is a huge help for them that there is someone available around the clock. They can always come and visit the team and have a chat in person when they need to as well.” 

The team members work 12 hour shifts, but after office hours or during non-peak shipping periods, they also help out with administrative office tasks. “This team is really productive,” says Troy Smith, local Customer Service Manager. “In addition to being available 24/7 for our customers,
crews and port personnel, they help run a tight ship here in the office.” 

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