The story of the salvage company Em. Z. Svitzers Bjergningsentreprise (Svitzer) begins in 1833. The founder Emil Zeuthen Svitzer was an entrepreneural tradesman who saw the potential of establishing a salvage business on the basis of the many unfortunate losses occurring on trade routes to and from Denmark.

Being around since 1833, means we have seen a lot of changes in our industry: We were around when the closed diving suit was invented in 1842. We were there when the Suez Canal opened in 1869. And we lived the change of going from sail to diesel. More importantly, we have learned from everything we’ve seen. It is the sum of experience from 180 years of running a towage and salvage company with operations all over the world we put at our customers disposal.

Dating back almost two centuries

With roots stretching back nearly two centuries, we’re not only a company with a history, but a company with a strong heritage. Part of that heritage is a distinct set of principles passed down from our company’s founder that guide our focus on safety, people, vessels and solutions. These principles have helped us become a company that our customers value for our safety, reliability, local content and focus on doing business in a sustainable manner.

Read all of Svitzer's long history in our 175 Years Anniversary Book.

Ambitious strategy

While we are a company with a proud past, our eyes are fixed firmly on the future. Svitzer is a dynamic company with an ambitious strategy and a strong desire to grow and keep winning new and challenging projects. That means we can offer you the opportunity of a career with an international and forward thinking company with great opportunities for non-stop professional and personal development.

Where we operate

We have more than 430 vessels in over 100 locations around the world. Find examples of vessels in specific operations.

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